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“Embark on a Journey of Innovation: Transforming ISP Networks with netElastic vBNG and Synnefo IMS !”


In the dynamic landscape of broadband networks, where reliability, scalability, and performance are paramount, the netElastic Virtual Broadband Network Gateway (vBNG) and Synnefo Radius Software emerge as a powerful duo revolutionizing network infrastructure. In this technical blog, we delve into the innovative features and pivotal role of netElastic vBNG in conjunction with Synnefo Radius Software in reshaping broadband network infrastructure.

  • Scalability and Performance

netElastic vBNG offers unparalleled scalability and performance to meet the escalating demands of modern broadband networks:

  1. Greater Scalability: With the ability to effortlessly accommodate bandwidth and user increments, netElastic vBNG ensures ISPs can scale their networks seamlessly, irrespective of the subscriber base size.
  2. Higher Performance: Leveraging breakthrough performance capabilities of up to 1 Terabit throughput, netElastic vBNG surpasses traditional hardware limitations, delivering optimized data processing techniques for superior network performance.
  • Cost-Efficiency and Manageability

netElastic vBNG not only enhances performance but also optimizes operational costs and management efficiency:

  1. Lower TCO: Running on standard servers, netElastic vBNG slashes costs by up to 70%, offering a cost-effective alternative to proprietary hardware solutions.
  2. Easy to Manage: Equipped with a web-based Manager, netElastic vBNG provides comprehensive visibility into network operations, simplifying configuration and monitoring processes for enhanced manageability.
  • Enhanced Authentication and Authorization with Synnefo Radius Software

Synnefo Radius Software complements netElastic vBNG with advanced AAA capabilities:

  1. Secure Authentication: Synnefo Radius Software ensures secure user authentication, safeguarding network integrity against unauthorized access.
  2. Granular Authorization: ISPs can define granular access policies, ensuring that users only access resources and services appropriate to their privileges.
  3. Comprehensive Accounting: Synnefo Radius Software offers detailed accounting capabilities, enabling ISPs to track network usage and generate insightful reports for billing and auditing purposes.
  • Key Features Empowering ISPs

The integration of netElastic vBNG and Synnefo Radius Software boasts a suite of features designed to empower ISPs in delivering reliable and scalable broadband services:

  1. Deployment Flexibility: From small-scale deployments to networks serving hundreds of thousands of subscribers, netElastic vBNG offers unparalleled deployment flexibility to cater to diverse ISP requirements.
  2. Broad Protocol Support: Supporting a wide array of access technologies including PPPoE, IPoE, L2TP LAC/LNS, and more, netElastic vBNG ensures compatibility with various network environments.
  3. Single Pane of Glass View: Facilitating quick configuration and monitoring, the intuitive interface of netElastic vBNG provides ISPs with a holistic view of network performance and vBNG operations.
  • Elevating Broadband Network Infrastructure

           In the fiercely competitive landscape of broadband services, the integration of netElastic vBNG with Synnefo Radius Software emerges as a catalyst for transforming network infrastructure. By prioritizing reliability, scalability, and security, ISPs can deliver seamless and reliable broadband services, thereby fostering customer satisfaction, loyalty, and organizational growth. Invest in the combined power of netElastic vBNG and Synnefo Radius Software to embrace the future of broadband networks and unlock unprecedented opportunities for success.